Dear you, today,

While your bones grow weary and they weigh heavily on your form, your sweet mind does not need to mirror your slouching shoulders. The grey and rain makes you feel stagnant, but soon enough, it’ll fade away. When you start to panic, write things down. Read what you’re meant to read. You can do this – with ease. You’re okay. Even when things go wrong, you will recover. Be sweet, be humble, work hard. You can do this.

Me, today

trust me

trust me darling, when i say
that tomorrow will be better
tomorrow you’ll open your eyes
and miss the days we had together

i wonder presently,
if you think of me still
i assume you likely wouldn’t,
but i also think you always will

the leaves are turning
the engine isn’t
i wish you were here to
sit in the cold with me

heaven looks like white and gold
skin, mine and yours, respectively
wrapped up silently in the cold
on our favourite beach in the winter


I don’t wanna be your friend / I just wanna be your lover